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The days have come and gone for that ol’ dry Turkey being the guest that only gets invited once a year. Turkey Works is the staple that you’ll want at every party and occasion. Incredibly moist, robust New Orleans flavors are guaranteed to set it off and be a big hit! Turkey Works’ fusion of Creole, Cajun, and Soul seasoning is like Mardi Gras in your mouth! Order yours today!



At Turkey Works we take the phrase “fresh ingredients” seriously—there is way too much at stake for us to use anything less. We believe that quality ingredients make the difference between a common bite to eat and a meal you feel great about. We’ve got your back on this and we won’t compromise on quality.



While we specialize in ‘ALL-THINGS’ turkey, we are more than capable to accommodate special requests for non-turkey menu items.  Send us a message or give us a call to discuss your immediate needs and we’ll be sure to set it off at your dinner table.

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